Things To Do When Bored

It’s Christmas break and I’m bored. I think we all are. No, I’m the only one whose bored. Well, I’ve been thinking of ways how to avoid boredom or maybe kill it. This is just a couple of ways I do to avoid boredom in my life.

  1. Watch random Youtube video, like DIYs, pranks and other amazing videos that you’ll find informative, funny or intriguing.
  2. Chat with Simsimi or Cleverbot.
  3. Chat with not-so-close-friends on Facebook
  4. Read a book that will make you sleepy
  5. Sleep with earphone


  1. Movie marathon
  2. Text your friends
  3. Or if you don’t have any friends, text random numbers
  4. Call the Customer service hotline of any network providers
  5. Exercise
  6. Draw, sketch and (pretend that you can)
  7. Play a game with your dog
  8. Play games on your phone
  10. Eat random food in your fridge


  1. Cook
  2. Chat friends on Skype
  3. Play any musical instrument
  4. Surf the internet
  5. Blog anything like this
  6. Decorate your room
  7. Ride a bicycle or learn how to
  8. Run
  9. Buy anything
  10. Plant a tree


  1. Clean your house
  2. Chat with yourself
  3. Dress-up and take a selfie, post it on Instagram
  4. Speak foreign language
  5. Stalk your crush on Facebook and Instagram!


Boredom is different to slothiness, go move your ass before boredom gets the best of you! ;)

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